Trellis for hops and “natural” pergola/trellis made from grape vines

Here are some pictures of my humble beginning garden. This includes a little trellis I built for my hops to grow on. I’ll need to build another, higher trellis for them because they begin growing more aggressive as the outdoor temperatures rise. This is my third summer experimenting with growing hops. Last summer I actually got a little harvest. I have not used them to brew my own beer yet.

I need also build more trellises for my tomatoes plants.

The grape vine trellis is built from a few tree limbs from our woods used as posts. Very simple set up that I put right next to a wild grape vine that used grow up one of our White Oak trees. Now I’m “training” the vines become my “natural” pergola and trellis. It’s a pergola trellis that continues to grow!

I’m also planning to mill some of my own trees for trellises and pergolas for my own use and to sell. I have a little heard of goats that are helping me clear my woods out so I can actually see which trees to keep and which ones to cut out as I hope to build on our extra lot. Some of the tree limbs will be mulched for gardening purposes. The animal manure with the mulch makes an excellent gardening base that plants thrive in. I learned this simple gardening method from watching this video: Back the Eden documentary  !

This is my plan but we’ll se what happens as there’s so much to do.

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